Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Shower 1

From top: The Deco, The 3 Godmothers and The Future Mommy (notice that I'm not in any of the pix - very bad hair day!!) and The Future Mommy, happily admiring her bag.

Notice the title? Baby Shower 1 just shows that this is actually my very first Baby Shower. My uni roomy's second shower, within a year! We had her Wedding shower, last year somewhere in March I think, and a Baby Shower just last weekend, on Saturday. The difference this time is that she had no idea that we had this planned at all.

Venue: Han's condo
Time: Right after we'd grabbed the balloons from Bangsar and house keys from Han (who was having breakfast with Parv and Zai) and Parv too, to help around with prep.

Best part of all this was, none of us three were really sure of how to get to the condo. Parv and I've only been there once, and Nell hasn't at all. Crazy makciks. By some miracle, we managed to get there anyway. We set up the place as fast as we could, and within minutes, the guest of honor arrived! We screamed 'SURPRISE!!!' took pictures of speechless Zai, and got the party started. Zai looked happy with the wish list present she got from all of us (all 7 and Huda) - a Gin & Jacques Baby Bag, and other small gifts from the individuals that came. Though the party was minimal, we managed to have a good time, just lepakking with each other, gossipping, recalling our dorky past stories and all are looking forward to seeing our first Godson. To Zai, all the best with the nearing delivery. InsyaAllah, everything will go smoothly and don't forget to call us to menyibuk there as well. We love you!

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