Monday, February 12, 2007

Chantek Spa

Yesterday, I was invited for a grand opening of my cousin, Safia's spa, Chantek Spa located conveniently at Ampang. We had a session with the experts from Felisa (the main facial product used here), a briefing by Safia herself on the spa facilities and a makeup demo by the Felisa rep. Last but not least, we were spoiled rotten with the delicious hi-tea provided by the host. My mom didn't miss a chance at having her very first facial (free pulak tuh!) and she loved the attention she got from the beautician. She immediately vowed that she'd want that kind of pampering every month, from now on. My aunt had the complementary Foot Soak and she was so high, she was practically drooling!

Felisa products are only used for their facial (Felisa products use fruits as their basic ingredients, and are made specialized for individual needs - problem skin, normal skin etc) , and for the rest of the spa treatments, herbs and natural ingredients from the Southeast Asia region are used, so there's no need to worry about any side effects besides having the confidence of being treated by experts in the field!

The price of treatments here is very very reasonable, and if you're early, you may be lucky enough to get booked in this first few months of its opening promotion. I'm taking a few friends over for a spa treatment of Mandi Lulur, Mandi Susu(yum yum) and Full Body Massage maybe next week or in another 2 weeks. Looking forward to that!

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