Friday, February 09, 2007

Shady Baby

At long last...My car is tinted! I think it looks even more adorably ganas now...huhu...I chose a metalic blue hue, to match its silver bluish body color. I even threw in a strip of black shade on the windshield. Much better now.

Wonder if I'm really getting that BodyKit the irritating salesman promised me by next week. Asal call je, "InsyaAllah next week ye Kak"..That's another issue that I hate when dealing with Malays (I'm Malay fyi)...The wrongly used term of 'InsyaAllah'...Hello...'InsyaAllah' means 'dengan izin Allah', bukannya 'maybe' or 'kalau saya ada masa' or 'tengokla...saya malas nak layan awak, tapi cakap je la InsyaAllah nak sedapkan ati awak' tau tak...Geram tol. Bukan InsyaAllah namanye kalau dah nak setahun janji. Bole?

Tapi kali ni kalau tak dapat gak, it'll go straight to the COE (Centre Of Excellence...haha...boleh tak???) management. I work in Proton, and I really support Proton in every way I can because I know how much effort we throw in, in making each and every car you see on the road, but these buggers really know how to turn me off. Agak melampau la kan...Lets just see...

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