Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Sheep!

I don't actually believe in horoscope (even though I get weekly updates from Yahoo! and I just love to read them for leisure) but I can't help but search for my luck in this year's Year of the Red Pig (oink oink..ahaks!) Its pretty good this year for all Sheep clans like myself, so I'm hoping for that to be quite true. Lets just wait and see shall we? Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which gives me plenty of resting time from Saturday till Tuesday next week (yay!). My aunt (Ayah's lil sis) is getting married to her loved one this Sunday, so the whole bunch from KL are all going to face the anticipated hellish traffic jam to Ipoh. I'm keeping my fingers nicely crossed, and hope for the best for this Sheep on wheels.

Horoscope for the Sheep

1979 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1980 : Earth Sheep

The astral climate of 2007 will be favorable to Goats financially, primarily due to their wise cutting of expenses. Traveling is beneficial to your family relations now. Strive for peaceful and content relations with in laws. Goat natives are magnetic in 2007 and will not lack for admirers. Accept social invitations and actively seek out the company of others. Try your romantic luck with a "receptive Rabbit", a "Horse hottie" or a "perfectly perverted Pig." Romance, partnerships and home comforts are highlighted this year. Your creative talents never fail you-- let that imagination of yours soar while under the lucky auspices of the Pig.
Monthly Rating:JAN **FEB ***MAR ****APR *MAY **JUNE ****JULY **AUG *SEPT **OCT **NOV ****DEC *

p.s.: any perfectly perverted pigs around???haha

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