Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY(Crazy New Year)

I had a blessedly good weekend recently, thanks to the extended 2 day-holiday for Chinese New Year. I didn't get to go to Kemaman to lepak with the Kemamang gang and bits and pieces of 'The 8 of Us' as practised for the past 2 years. But I did go to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands with my family. Everything was fantastic, except of course the jam that we had to go through! We were patiently in a crawling line with the rest of the Ipoh Mali gang for 9 bloody hours!! Even that is considered OK. A friend only reached Ipoh in 12 hours!!!Ayoo...I've never been on the road with the rest of the balik kampong clans, but we had no choice recently due to my aunt's wedding there. Thank God though the occasion is only scheduled the next day.

Anyway, the wedding was really worth the effort. I met so many unfamiliar faces that are apparently my Tok's sister, Ayah's cousins and many many of Nenek's relatives. We took so many photos and had so much to talk about, it was hard to depart. Cameron Highlands was a also life saver. I needed this break so much, I welcomed the cold temperature the place offers. I did not anticipate, however, more traffic jams. The journey should have only taken about 1.5 hours, but we managed to reach there after a tiring 3 hours drive from Ipoh. Penat seh...We didn't shop much as well, coz it would take too much effort to go from one point to another. But Mak managed to get her long-sought Rosemary, I got myself a potted flower power (I can't remember the name :p) and lots of vege. And yesterday was a heavenly resting day. Nice...

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